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1 Editor: Deb Dutton, CEO, The Windmill Rembrandt Court Issue February 2018 Home Care Hub 1 Madras Street, Oaklands Park SA Greenfields Drive, Green Fields SA 5107 Ph The weekly newsletter of Rembrandt Living Ph EDITORIAL Facebook - We have reached over 1,000 Likes, thank you everyone! LIFESTYLE Birthdays in February: Happy Birthday to the following residents: 10 February Anna Mandziak 10 February Pieter Venema 13 February Anna Persello 18 February Lucy de Wolf 19 February Petronella van Gerven 20 February Leelo Petersen 20 February Trudy Reiter 23 February Joe Leeuwrik Resident Feedback This week s Residents Meeting held on Wednesday 7 February was attended by 3 residents and 2 staff members. The following was discussed: Residents have requested that all staff wear name badges as a way of putting a name to a face. At the start of each shift, could care workers knock on residents doors and introduce themselves. Temperature in House 7 Dining is too cool. Residents do not wish to have the thick winter soups on the summer menu but would prefer to have soups that are light, vegetable broth type of soups. Also with the menus, restrict winter foods to the winter menu and summer foods such as salads to the summer menu. Fresh fruit being offered is too monotonous, mainly rockmelon and watermelon. Requests for bananas, peaches, apricots, strawberries, apples a variety. Residents have requested that the evening cup of coffee or tea should be offered to each resident knock on the door and ask each person if they wish a cuppa. This is seen as a great opportunity for interaction. Some care workers do this but not all. Could this be implemented across the board for each resident? FOR YOUR INFORMATION Pick n Take As a result of an internal site tidying, clean up and clear out, a large disposal skip will be placed in the back car park (in the area of the yellow lines) on Friday, 9 February. Residents, staff and families are welcome to pick and take any items prior to their disposal strictly between 10am and 12pm first come first serve! Items must be taken at the time as we do not have storage facility. Any items taken by residents are to be kept in residents rooms not in common areas. Pick n Take items will include such items as picture frames and various items of furniture as is. PAUL DICKSON S COMPUTER TIPS Browsing Shortcuts Re-open a tab use Ctrl + Shift + T to re-open the last tab you closed Cycle through tabs use Ctrl + Tab to flip through open tabs (Ctrl + Shift + Tab flips the opposite way) Scrolling use the spacebar to scroll down a web page (Shift + spacebar scrolls up) Zoom hold down the Ctrl key and press the + key to zoom in on a page, or the - key to zoom out (Ctrl + 0 resets the zoom) Image search hold down the S key and right mouse click an image to do a search of that image Breakout game type Atari Breakout in Google and click on Images UIT EN THUIS Oaklands Park on Friday 16 February at 10am: Morning Tea, entertainment by Adelaide Blue Grass Clogging, lunch and socialising to 2pm. Green Fields on Friday 16 February at 10am: Morning Tea, Bingo, lunch and socialising to 2pm. Bridgewater every Tuesday from to for coffee, games, entertainment and lunch.

2 Editor: Deb Dutton, CEO, The Windmill Rembrandt Court Issue February 2018 Home Care Hub 1 Madras Street, Oaklands Park SA Greenfields Drive, Green Fields SA 5107 Ph The weekly newsletter of Rembrandt Living Ph IN MEMORY With deep sadness we announce that Mrs Joan Cooper passed away at Rembrandt Court on Sunday 4 February. We offer our sincere condolences and love to Helen and all Joan s family and friends. HEALTH TIP! Hand hygiene UPCOMING EVENTS Wednesday 14 February 2018 Valentine s Day Monday 12 March 2018 Adelaide Cup Day Friday 30 March Monday 2 April 2018 Easter Wednesday 25 April 2018 Anzac Day IT S SURVEY TIME AGAIN Our Quality Manager is busy finalising the Resident Survey for Watch this space for further details! Hand hygiene is the most effective ways of stopping the spread of infection. It is extremely important for everyone, especially our residents and clients as they are more susceptible to infection. When you should wash your hands after going to the toilet or changing a nappy when hands are visibly dirty before you eat after touching or handling pets before and after handling food after sneezing, coughing, blowing nose after caring for someone who is sick after handling rubbish How to wash your hands properly Use soap and running water wet hands thoroughly and lather with soap rub hands together for 15 to 20 seconds as you wash them pay attention to the backs of hands, wrists, between fingers and under fingernails rinse hands well under running water dry hands with a single use disposable paper towel or a clean towel. When can you use alcohol based hand rubs? For routine cleaning of hands anytime they are visibly clean If you have contact with contaminated objects in the environment e.g. dirty tissues Before and after you care for or have contact with someone who is sick, very old or very young Whenever you want to decontaminate your hands Lets all stay healthy!

3 PHOTO PAGE Adriaan Lahnstein sent through an interesting photo from Holland spring flowers in winter! Holland experienced the warmest day ever for this time of year on 24 th of January. At 93 Uit en Thuis visitor, Erika Juhrman is still able to rock n roll with staff member, Angelika. Martin provided some great entertainment singing songs from the 50s and 60s. Everyone had a wonderful time. Residents and staff appreciated a delicious BBQ lunch on Thursday 25 th January during the scheduled power outage to connect the generator which was recently installed. This also coincided with Australia Day celebrations. Volunteer, Mia, celebrated her birthday during Uit en Thuis on Friday 2 February and was presented with some beautiful flowers by Home Care Coordinator, Sylvia.

4 PROGRAM 1 Monday 12 February 2018 to Sunday 18 February 2018 Day and Date Time Morning Program Time Afternoon Program Monday Maandag am 1 Knitting with volunteers Drop Off to Marion by Agnes Fun and games with Desiree in Hs 3, 4 Pick up from Marion by Agnes 2.30pm Word games with Desiree in Hs 2 Cognitive Stimulation with Annelies Dog Therapy to with Duke Sit Dance with Annelies in Main Tuesday Dinsdag Walking with Nicoline Activities in common area Hs 3, 4 with Nicoline Craft with Desiree in Hs 1,2,5 Card making with volunteer Wednesday Woensdag Walking with Nicoline Bingo with volunteers in Main Activities in common area in Hs 3, 4 with Nicoline 2.30pm Walking with Annelies Sing along Hs 3, 4 with Annelies Residents meeting in Hs 6 Pampering residents Hs 3, 4 Thursday Donderdag Walking with Nicoline Activities in common area Hs 3, 4 with Nicoline Cognitive Stimulation Therapy with Annelies in Hs 7 Exercises in Main with Nicoline and Alex Tai Chi with Annelies in Main Friday Vrijdag am Walking with Annelies Colouring-in in Hs 6 with Phil Activities with Annelies in Hs 3,4 Uit en Thuis in Main 3.00pm Hymn singing with Desiree Activities with Desiree in Hs 3,4 Saturday Zaterdag pm Sjoelen with Desiree in Main Activities in common area Hs 3, 4 with Desiree Sunday Zondag pm Movie in Main Activities in common area Hs 3, 4 with Desiree

5 UOMING EVENTS Menu Week 3 BREAKFAST Choose from: MONDAY 12 February Rembrandt Court s Menu Monday 12 February to Sunday 18 Feburary 2018 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 13 February 14 February 15 February 16 February Choice of Cereal: Porridge, Weet-Bix, Cornflakes, Muesli, Rice Bubbles, All Bran, Bran Toast, Conserves, Yoghurt, Juices, Fresh Fruit SATURDAY 17 February SUNDAY 18 February MORNING TEA SUGGESTIONS Cheese & Crackers Scones Coconut Cookies Cake Savoury Biscuits Raisin Loaf Cake LUNCH Lunch option 1 Chicken drumsticks in red wine gravy Beef Rissoles Rookworst sausages Gravy Bruinebonen spek applemoes Battered Fish and tartare sauce Pork Chops Roasted Beef with Gravy Lunch option 2 (vegetarian) Lunch Accompaniments Gnocchi with tomato. Mushroom and avocado Stampot( mash and kale) peas Falafels Chickpea curry Tomato, Broccoli and chickpea casserole Chickpea salad & potato salad Dessert Rocky road Custard with strawberry syrup DINNER Soup Dinner option 1 Minestrone soup Fish fingers and salad Bean and Vegetable Mixed grill (tomato, bacon and sausages Sauerkraut Steamed Beans Mash potato Ice cream with toppings Pumpkin soup Salmon patties with potato and gherkin salad Potatoes Baby corn and carrots Vegetarian pasties Chips and garden salad Dutch Bean, carrot and zucchini curry Roasted potatoes, sautéed Chinese cabbage and beans Banana custard Cream Brulee Apple sponge cake and cream Potato and leek soup Sticky chicken wings Cream of Mushroom Meatballs with gravy and mash Beef and Vegetable Cannelloni in a rich tomato sauce Roasted vegetable plate with gravy Potato bake Broc and couli bake Buttered peas Peach crumble Tomato and herb Ocean pie with greens and cheese Dinner - option 2 Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwiches Dessert Chefs Selection Chefs Selection Chefs Selection Chefs Selection Chefs Selection Chefs Selection Chefs Selection